Edwin Böck Sculpture

Snow Sculpture

Kiruna 2015

"searching for the sound of silence"


1994 Kiruna Sweden

1996 Kiruna Sweden 1.jury prize swedish champions

1997 Quebec Canada 1.artist and 2.jury prize

1997 Nuuk Greenland, Special prize

1998 Quebec Canada

1999 Harbin China, Special prize

2000 St.Candido and St.Vigilio Italy

2001 St.Candido and St.Vigilio Italy

2002 Valloire France 1.jury prize

2003 Member of jury Kiruna snow festival Sweden

2003 Special guest Valloire and member of jury

2004 Nayoro Japan 1.artist prize and 3.jury prize

2005 Grindelwald Switzerland

2006 Torino Olympic Games Bardoneccia 1.artist prize and  2.jury prize

2006 Art in Ice, Livigno Italy

2007 Kiruna Sweden 1.artist 1.public 1.jury prize swedish champions

2008 Quebec Canada, 2 special awards.

2009 Harbin China

2009 Pontresina Switzerland 1.jury and 1.public prize

2010 Art in Ice Livigno Italy 1.jury and 1.artist prize

2010-2015 Tangofestival Ås Östersund Sweden

2012 St.Candido and St.Vigilio Italy

2012 Winterfestival Östersund Sweden

2012 Pontresina Switzerland

2013 Winterpark Östersund Sweden

2013 Åre Hotel Igloo Sweden

2014 Winterpark Östersund Sweden

2014 Hyberborea Petrozlavodsk Russia 1.jury prize

2015 Kiruna Sweden 1.artist prize

2015 Winterpark Östersund Sweden      

2015 White Horse Snowsculpture Challange Yukon   Canada 1.jury prize     

2016 Borgholm Sweden Ice sculpture for the opening of 200 years of Borgholm City    

2016 Tangofestival Ås Östersund 

2016 White Horse Snowsculpture Challange Yukon Canada  

2017 Breckenridge Colorado USA 2.jury prize  

2018 Tangofestival Ås Östersund

2018 Baltic Snow Call Oulu Finland     

2018 Pontresina Switzerland     

2019 Tangofestival Ås Östersund         

2019 Baltic Snow Call Oulu Finland 1.artist prize

2020 Nayoro Japan Special prize "mayor".

2022 San Virgilio and San Candido Italy

2023 Kiruna Snow festival Sweden

2023 Tangofestival Ås Östersund